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Worth Her Salt

I now live in the Levant
East Mediterranean I'm settled in
But my son's heart was taken by a fair Sydney maiden
Her name and age I do not (care to) know

He says her eyes are green in hue
Her voice is sweet and affable
Her body's a swathe like the hazel leaf
There he longs to lay his head

In a fading moment of mirth
He may ask her to be his wife
He may gaze upon her as she assents
A votary to fond desire

Well, son, in my heart you are my darling
At my door, you're welcome in
At my gate, I will meet you and your woman
Oh, if only her love I could belie

I'd rather you find a love in Neve Tzedek
So that my mind can lay in peace
Than to see you with a goy pretty maiden
It shrouds my honour in a hearse

Well, when I am dead and in my coffin
When I've laid my burden down
Come and sit beside me, darling
Come and think on the way you done.

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