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What is Plato's problem?

Sitting by Glaucon in the firelight and cave, Plato deems to have found a pickle:
"How is it that we know so much given so little evidence? The fragments of my life coalesce to what end?"
But what is Plato's problem?

Owl-eyed and Peloponnesian, not yet a bust, Plato's bearded mouth marvels:
"How is it possible to know something that is never explicitly taught? What is knowledge? What is experience? How do they interact?"
But what is Plato's problem?

From Athens comes a dialectic, an intuition pump, from which Plato's wonders:
"How do we explain the gap between what one knows and the input from the environment? Meno knows geometry and yet is an uneducated slave?"
But what is Plato's problem?

In Plato's dialogue near the end of the Phaedo, Socrates is said to owe Asclepius a cock.
"If there is no such thing as teaching then is what we know a memory from knowledge in our past life?"
But what is Plato's problem?

Plato has condemned laughter, and denies the inherent value of laughter in the human experience.
"May we smile upon the absurd and the comic, or should we refrain from the excess of laughter and tears?"
But what is Plato's problem?

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