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One, Two, Three

Dear, oh, dear, in a buttonsome dress, such, such are the joys: days of honey, no days of onion, cumulus clouds, I thumb my nose at thee.

Marzipans, upon my word, for I've a love full of delicacy and wit. She's a heart that beats fast, a head that swims not.

The cold German winter is right outside, and I'll blunt the sword of longing till the moon does wane.

What if my plight's the one of the bumblebee, and my nonsense that upon stilts? What if my mother's one only a face could love, a bureaucrat and a bleeding heart?

Even if you'll take me out to a nightclub, and say "Damn me, won't you dance?" I will kiss you, one, two, three, whimper, moan, and sigh.

The cold German winter is right outside, and we'll blunt our toes and ankles dancing shudder quotes.

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