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Hey, Honeypie

So you've crossed the picket-line
Blackleg miner, and you
And the striking worker's face
Bellows in a fit of pique

"We shut down the factory
Locked out even the pews
And united we assail to bargain
Divided we beg"

Hey, Honeypie, we have no rights but what we
Can win on the labour market
Oh, you know the pliant bear it in the nose

For no one's head is on a platter
No job, I understand
But when labour is coerced and sunken
It ain't time to dance to the pleas of the crown

"We know the dead are remembered, the living are ignored
Yet we won't mourn in sackcloth and ashes
And change won't come like a thief in the night
But through fervid and steady mass actions"

Hey, Honeypie, don't take your love to town
They'll catch his throat, break his spine
Oh, you know the violent bear it away

So join the union while you may, don't wait till your dying day,
For that may not be far away, scab, strikebreaker, and you.

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