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Dust-Bin Canticle

It was a queasy, disjointed morning
I was walking with my cookie
Trying to catch the falling leaves
Trying to catch my bus

On the pavement there was a lily
Six petals and all
Trying to catch the passing wind
Trying to catch my sight

It was then I noticed
The local hooligan
Trying to kick a public bin
Trying to kick it good

It hadn’t been but one minute
When the bin did complain
“Cease your vandalism now
Cease it, please, oh please”

On the pavement there was the sound of footsteps
The hooligan was petrified
Seeing it was to no avail
Seeing the bin could talk

It was then I noticed
The bin burst into song
Seeing it was a melody
Seeing it short and sweet

I listened to the song of the bin:
“No one knows what it’s like to be a dust-bin in Newtown with hooligans”

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