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Bedlam in the Willows

It's high-dusk in Akko town, the end of the High Days to boot
And the fishing boats and the sandstone walls knock the sea west of Galilee.

For he's come one night through the neighbourhood, and a blameless man he may well have been
Saying "Here am I, behind the wheel, though on this day it is outlawed by creed."

"I am a man upon the land, the crescent moon my only guide
And when I step through David's gate, I'm neither whale nor minnow."

And he has taken a leap of faith, behind the wheel in a dash across town
Now the heave of stones at the moving windows, bedlam in the willows and ill fares the land.

The tensions stoked for nights therewith, knives and clubs, hotheads, a mob
Saying "There are several faiths herein, but one law and overlords."

"For if you're not our kin and ilk, the crescent moon your only guide
The law will shine on your every flagstone, unjust as the day is long."

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