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Farewell, Mr. Petal

Farewell, Mr. Petal, don't bloat your stomach with hope
I may ache for you in the morning, but now I care not
Love doesn't come and go with the wind
But distance does make the heart recline

Though you're sleepless and saddened, and my eyes they run dry
Though my life may turn gloomy, my waist turn unloved
Farewell, Mr. Petal, I'm restless and doubtful
I'll see you in a while

Though the whiff of my eyelashes was enough for you
To gnaw at my vestibule from dusk till dawn
Farewell, Mr. Petal, I love you courtly
But I must move on

Though every step we took breamed with warmth and l'amour fou
In your eyes I was an equal, you coddled me so
Farewell, Mr. Petal, I'm teething in tethers
And now I must go

Though the place where I'm going may seem distant and forlorn
I'm smitten and willful, please sit with the change
So farewell, Mr. Petal, my whim's a-calling
I must follow it for while

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